Bunny Zlotnik

  • Theater & physical comedy (lifelong)
  • Tarot Fortune telling since 1998
  • Living Statue since 2003
  • Fire Poi since 2006
  • Aerial Fabrics since 2008
  • Magic & Balloon-Twisting since 2009
  • Tightrope Walking since 2014

Aerial Training: TT Robson (Gravity Arts), Laura Stokes (Ricochet), Cohdi Harrel (Ricochet), Naomi Hummel (Capacitor), Vüsch Berlin Aerial Studio, The Athletic Playground

Dance Training: Shawl Anderson Dance Center (ballet), Rena Cochlin (folk dance – UCSC), John and Nancy Lingemann (Argentine Tango), John Slaymaker (Irish Folk Dance), El Cerrito Ballet Center

Theater Training: Ramshackle Circus (clowning), M. Foley UC Santa Cruz (puppetry), Contra Costa Civic Theater, Fae Diddle Diddle (Happily Ever Laughter Parties, founder), Berkeley/Richmond JCC Youth Theater

Fire Training: Russ Megowan (Vulcan Crew), Dyami Kaplan (Nocturnal Sunshine), Noah Reson-Brown (Santa Cruz Fire Conclave).

Noteworthy Clients:

  • Fiat
  • Google
  • Trulia Real Estate
  • Frances Ford Coppola Winery
  • The California Water Environment Association
  • University of California (Berkeley & Santa Cruz)
  • Mills College
  • The Citizen Hotel
  • SLO Rotary Club

Performance Companies:

  • Lemon Drop Cosplay 2004
  • Slugs in Fishnets (Santa Cruz Rocky Horror Picture Show cast) 2005-2006
  • Santa Cruz Fire Conclave 2009
  • Happily Ever Laughter Parties 2009-2012
  • Fire Euphoria Conclave 2010-2012
  • The Vespertine Circus (founded) 2010 – current
  • Catalyst Arts 2013 – current


Single-weekend-run theme shows performed in Oakland, featuring the Vespertine Circus in collaboration with guest variety performers & musicians:

  • La Boutique Obscure Dreaming
  • La Boutique Obscure Zombi
  • La Boutique Obscure Steampunk
  • La Boutique Obscure Halloween Night
  • La Boutique Obscure Never Never Land
  • La Boutique Obscure Holiday
  • The Vespertine Circus: Welcome Home
  • The Vespertine Circus: Science Fiction
  • The Vespertine Circus: Zombie Apocalypse
  • The Vespertine Circus: The Grand Adventures of
  • The Vespertine Circus: Superheroes
  • The Vespertine Circus: Fairytale

Tour shows performed in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana:

  • Absolutely Anything (summer 2011)
  • A Perfect World (summer 2012)
  • Important Business (winter 2012 – summer 2013)

Bunny Zlotnik has been casting and putting on shows since preschool – first plays for the neighbors, then DIY dance recitals for friends from school, and by fourth grade school she was enrolled in before-school choir, after-school drama classes, and briefly missed school outright because she was touring as a toy-soldier in a youth ensemble Nutcracker Ballet. In high school, she started street performing around tourist attractions in San Francisco as a living statue.

Never single-minded in her interests, Bunny was studying music history, humanistic psychology, and religious studies at UCSC. There she gained a reputation for coordinating large all-ages events both on and off campus. Really, anyone who knew her in first grade might have predicted that Bunny would be a circus clown; some people never change. Needless to say, her love of the stage has never diminished and when she told her college friends she was going to start a circus, they believed her and some joined the cause.

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