Elijah Leone

  • Skateboarding since 2002
  • Juggling since 2009
  • Tumbling since 2009
  • Cyr wheel since 2010
  • Partner Acrobatics since 2010
  • Clowning since since 2011

 Cyr Wheel Training: Sam Tribble (Spinnovation), David Poznanter, Paul Perreault, Eric Deschenes (Ecole nationale de cirque), Andre St Jean (Cirque du Soleil) 

Juggling Training: Geoff Marsh, David Poznanter, 

Gymnastcs/Acrobatics Training: Master Lu Yi(San Francisco Circus Center), Sam Tribble (Spinnovation), Candace Wittrock (Wildcard Gymnastics), Xiaohong Weng(San Francisco Circus enter) 

Dance Training: Dani Kuepper, Melissa Anderson, Christal Wagner, Sandra Jordan 

Theatre Training: Raeleen McMillion (Peck School of the Arts), Steven Koehler (Milwaukee HS of the Arts)

Noteworthy Clients: 

  • Chicago Rotary Club
  • Anon-Salon Events
  • California Water Environment Association

Performance Companies:

  • Dead Man’s Carnival 2009 – 2011
  • Milwaukee Public Theatre 2010-2011
  • Spinnovation 2011 – current
  • The Vespertine Circus 2011 – current
  • Vau De Vire Society 2012 – current
  • Aerial Experience Productions 2012
  • Sweet Can Productions 2012

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